About APBE

The new society was presented to the scientific community during the VII Encontro Nacional de Biologia Evolutiva, held in Coimbra on December 21st, 2011 and immediately gathered several members.
The present APBE council was elected on December 22st, 2014.
About APBE see also the Founding letter and the Bylaws.


Direction Board General Assembly Audit Committee
President – Sara Magalhães
Vice-President – Susana Varela
Treasurer – Nelson MartinsSecretary –  Ester Serrão
Secretary – Paulo Gama Mota
Secretary – Sara Rocha
President – Manuel Santos
Secretary – Rita Ponce
Secretary – João AlpedrinhaAlternate – Pedro Soares
President – Isabel Borges
Secretary – Ivo Chelo
Secretary – Marco CoelhoAlternate – Pedro Vale
Alternate – Emília Santos
Alternate – Carlos Fernandes
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